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Classnika Virtually There

ClassnikaVirtually There

ClassnikaVirtually There

specifically designed for educational applications, Classnika’s vision is to create a rich, end-to-end e-learning experience that mimics face-to-face learning and is fun, engaging, productive and safe for all ages.

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Register and ask your students to sign up
Create and manage classes and your schedule
Share class material and assignments
Run classes using multiple video channels to capture the class environment
View reports, evaluate assignments and easily bill for your class time

Fit for PurposeNot a mishmash of disparate tools, Classnika is specifically designed for educational applications

Puts the Teacher in ChargeUnlike general purpose video conferencing tools, Classnika provides teachers with a level of control that mimics the control they have over their face to face classes

Increases Teacher's ProductivityClassnika helps teachers manage their courses and classes with multiple video channels, improving productivity

Improves Students' EngagementBy creating a more immersive class experience, Classnika improves students' engagement, focus, and attention

A screenshot of the Classnika app, showing a virtual art class between one student and her teacher using multiple views of both

Classnika for Music

Using Classnika for music tutoring is practical, easy and fun. As a piano teacher, Lisa can run one-to-one or group classes easily. She is currently doing a one-to-one class with Joy and has set up two cameras in front and top positions. This allows Joy to see both Lisa’s face and her hands. Maintaining facial contact with the teacher improves engagement of students and helps with their discipline and attention in the classroom.

Lisa can select which view appears on the larger section of the screen for Joy. She usually sets her top view that displays the piano keyboard for Joy to see in the large section of the screen and switches to front view as needed. She can also see Joy from a right view and a top view and zoom into each. This helps Lisa to be able to see Joy’s posture and fingering and correct her technique.

Lisa can also use Classnika for group piano lessons. She can silence the class, preventing students from interacting with each other and thus improving control and focus in the class when needed. She can also put students on “stage” when they need to contribute to the class. Alternatively, she can put her front or top video channel on stage, so that everyone can see her or her piano in their big view, as needed.

The thumbnail image for the "Piano Lessons" video tutorial
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Classnika for Art

Classnika’s multi-view technology allows the teacher’s actions to be captured from any number of angles, helping students to see teacher’s workspace and hand movements. Teacher can also observe students in action and make corrections as they perform their tasks.

In this case, a top camera captures the student’s workspace and his hands and the teacher can comment on his hand movements. The student is also able to see his teacher’s face and workspace at the same time and he is able to copy the teacher’s hand movements.

In our testing, maintaining facial contact with the teacher, in addition to being able to see their workspace, improved student’s engagement.

A kid in a virtual art class, using the Classnika app to communicate with his teacher

Safe for All Ages

Classnika is only open to authenticated users. The teacher adds authorised students to the class directly in the app, with no invitations to forward to, and classes automatically appear in the student’s schedule.

The app also provides a silent mode which stops interactions between students when enabled.

When it comes to protecting your data, we strongly believe privacy is a right and not a privilege and that is why we take extreme care in delivering services that adhere to privacy and security best practices and meet and exceed applicable regulations. You can review our privacy policy document here.

Amazing Infrastructure,Amazing Opportunities

Scales to hundreds of thousands of classes in seconds

Tens of students in a classroom

Real-time data flow within milliseconds keeps everyone up-to-date

Intelligent routing with sub-second video latency around the globe for best visual and audio quality


Classnika is free for students. Teachers can use Classnika free of charge for a period of three months and then need to choose one of the paid plans.

 Classnika is not a general purpose video conferencing tool. It is an end-to-end e-Learning tool that includes management of classes, students, scheduling of classes, sharing class material, and it also includes a purpose-built video conferencing capability that allows teachers to run and manage their class efficiently.

Yes. With its multi-view technology, Classnika is designed to make it possible for the teacher and students to maintain facial contact while they can also see the other person’s environment, workbench, and hand and body movements. For example, in a private painting class, the tutor and students can join, each with two video channels. Each person will join with a front-facing channel that displays their face and also a channel that shows their canvas and their hand. In this manner, the student can follow the tutor’s hand movements and the tutor can correct the student as required.

Yes. Classnika is designed to prioritise sound quality for music classes. Combined with its multi-view technology, Classnika offers an immersive and high quality experience. For example, people use Classnika for piano lessons where the tutor and students maintain facial contact and at the same time view each other’s piano keyboard. This allows the teacher to help the students with their finger positioning, movement, and allows the teacher to demonstrate the correct techniques on their piano.

Our research has shown that students’ attention and participation improves when they can see the teacher in the virtual classroom and know that the teacher can see them. Classnika’s multi-view approach allows the facial contact between the teacher and the students to be maintained for the duration of the class. However, using additional cameras from everyday devices, a more immersive environment is created where the student can see the classroom, the teacher’s hands (for example for art and music) or body (for example for ballet) as the teacher demonstrates the skills.

You can certainly change the position of the camera, say as a piano teacher to display your piano when needed. This comes at the expense of losing facial contact. Maintaining facial contact throughout the session has been shown to improve focus and participation of students. Besides, changing views ‘mid-flight’ interrupts the flow of the class and is inconvenient for you, particularly if you need the student to do the same.

You can use most Android phones, tablets, iPhones and iPads with Classnika. Install Classnika on as many devices as you want. One device will be the master device which you should use as your main screen. If you have a tablet with a bigger screen, use that as your main device. Install Classnika on other tablets or phones and use them as additional cameras.

No. You can use Classnika with only one device (one camera). However, if you have an older phone or tablet or can borrow a household member’s device for the period of the class, then you should try Classnika’s multi-view feature for best results.

There are a range of very affordable stands and arms that can help with positioning your tablets and phones for a class. Search for ‘flexible mobile arm’ on eBay or Amazon or visit your local mobile shop. Using these inexpensive devices allows you to set up the class environment properly and predictably every single time.

Yes, you can add many students to your class. In fact, Classnika is designed to help you manage a classroom in a manner which is similar to a face-to-face class. Familiarise yourself with Classnika’s group management features. You can silence the class (preventing student cross-talk), put a student on the podium in front of the class, determine the main view displayed to your class (e.g. yourself, any one of your cameras or any one of the students’ cameras), you get notified when students have questions and virtually raise their hands, and many more features to run your class effectively.

Technically, it is unlimited. Your chosen plan may restrict the number of channels that can be in your class but assuming you are on the unlimited plan, you can have as many students connected with video channels, at the same time. In practice, your internet connection may impact the quality of the session if you have too many student video channels. You can turn off the video feed from students if you experience a lag. The students continue to see your channels and any other students whose video feeds are enabled. If you have a large class, start with no more than 8 active channels. This should be sufficient for most scenarios but feel free to experiment with more channels, if your internet connection allows that.

Classnika is designed with safety of users and in particular children in mind. Unlike most video conferencing applications, Classnika empowers the teacher to be in charge of the safety of their virtual class. There are no links or email invitations to be forwarded to anyone to prank a class. Classnika classes appear in the students’ schedule automatically when scheduled and authorised by the teacher. All users that participate in Classnika are registered and will have to authenticate themselves before they are allowed to join a class.

Yes. The teacher has the option of recording the classroom. The recording becomes available to all class participants. This is a great way to allow your students to review their lesson as needed.


These short tutorial videos would help you quickly get up and running with Classnika and familiarise yourself with its features. Please note that we are adding more videos in an ongoing basis, focusing on different aspects of the app.

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First Time Registration

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Courses and Classes

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Piano Lessons